Memories- A Lifetime Milestones

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Time is wonderful reference framework; where whole universe revolves around and there is saying always walk with time and never leave lose an opportunity to walk with it.


This saying hold true , if we check our events  happened in our lives and Time remains critical framework to our existence But, if there is no reference point called time, world will stand still and if you could observe , we are relating to all events with specific time frame and period.

What would happen, if we could do time traveling to revisit the past and change the critical events which we wish to change or   leap towards future.

But for human beings, we have ability to do time traveling through events called memories

There is always beauty associated with reference point called time, where, we can revisit the same through memories and keeping it alive.

Here saying holds true that walks with time and never loses a minute to create memories for you. Most of us lead an anxious, worried and stressed life without enjoying the present moment, when, they have a gift called present to create memories.


Most of them forget how they do the activity called breathing in & out. In our lives, we forget to acknowledge the critical activities done by us and we run behind things, which create unnecessary   activities, which adds clutter in our life. Here word clutter is referred   to things, which we acknowledge that without that particular activity or substance our life stand still and giving more importance

Let me give insight to understand this concept

  • Eyes-  help us to see and enjoy beautiful  world created by GOD
  • Ears- helps us to listen the most beautiful sound and music around you
  • Nose- tool which help us to take breath in and breath out- which is most life sustain activity
  • Mouth ,lips and tongue- helps us to enjoy beautiful sensation and world’s best food in the world
  • Hand &Touch- help us to understand the shape, sizes , figures ,  texture of materials and helps us understand  the  frame work of material
  • Feet- gives us the ability to move around  to different location ,according to  your wishes
  • Brain & Presence of mind- most advanced computing system, unlimited storage device ,think tank, emotional seat, consciousness gift  given by GOD

Now if are missing any of these, imagine the world without it and I would say this is gift called present and  through coordination of all these, we are able to create wonders. We can be an influencer and change some one’s life with a gift called a minute.


Within Seconds, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery through your eyes; within seconds, you can feel your breath, when you fall in love; within seconds, you can enjoy the tastiest ice cream, which melts in your mouth and can give you terrific sensation to you. You might be wondering now, the magic of a second around you.

All these are happening in seconds, now, you might recognize the value of a minute, what, whole 60 sec time framework can create magic in your life, and when fast forwarded from this time frame and event called memory is stored in your brain.

I would say time is precious and always run with or ahead of time and never lose   a moment or chance to create your memories. We fail to acknowledge the tools, which helps us to create these memories and we take it for granted.

The point raised here is life is beautiful and future is what we create at this point .  I would say run ahead of time to capture those moment and never take a single moment for granted, which can help you  to create memories .

Stay healthy! Stay positive


Miracle- A gift called Today

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The most important    gift, which we always fail to recognize is a gift called “Today“in our life.


“Today is a gift” and learn to   maximize the opportunity, when life knocks at you with this gift. Take your chance, make a choice and make a change in your life.

Chance, choice and Change are three important tools, which is mostly used by us to upgrade our quality of life.  We usually use these tools, sometimes with all informed decisions in our hand and sometimes, we go by our gut feeling to   explore the uncharted way to improve our quality of life.

There is always a critical events involved, which decides the breakeven point   decision, which charts our future course of action. The success of these 3 tools- Chance, Choice and Change depends on the user‘s willpower or how much user is convinced about these tools, while implementing the same.

Convinced  Idea  along with the  supporting  data   is like a  compass , which  guides the user to next level of  success .Usually, Chance, choice  and change is  continuous process and  it can’t  be bifurcated.

Chance is nothing , but an opportunity  presented in front of  user, as a result of an  series  of effort or  a destiny’s call to  explore the  unchartered area of life. Here User  will be in the state of mind-“ I Can” or “Can I”, or  “Should I “ or  “not”


Choice is an informed decision taken by the user, after seeing the benefits of chance presented in front of the user. Here user tries to gather the information and tries to weigh the quality of information available in front of the user. User tries to convince the mind or reason with the mind, why this particular choice should be utlised.

Change is outcome of the informed choice, and chance taken by the user and as a result of the implementation of this tool. Here change can be immediate or time consuming process. It all depends upon the quality of chance and choice adapted by the user. Some time process adapted to implement the quality of Choice can lead to outstanding results.

Once change is implemented in the environment, there will always be byproduct of the choice adapted by the user. Byproduct can be either positive or negative based on the quality of adapted choice and chance.

So user is advised discretion, while exercising the quality of choice and chance. User should explore the Micro and Macro aspect of the choice and impact it can create, while implementing the same in the environment.  As I mentioned earlier, Change can be immediate or time consuming process. User should be matured enough to patiently wait, while implementing the choice into his or her environment.


If we look at the season, it’s a cycle -summer, Rainy, winter, autumn, Spring; we could see the same cycle happening in most of our lives.  Even  if we want to skip these  season, it’s not allowed  and  each season has a story  to  reflect in our life and  it  brings its own moments  & experience as a byproduct of the season.

Sometimes, we take informed chance and choice to bring   change in our life and we constantly strive it, as continuous improvement process to improve the quality of choice.


Right choice, taken under influence of right emotional frame of mind will always lead to Positive way of life.  Always take informed choice & Chance and once in a while move with gut feeling, you will never know, what is the mystery, life is waiting, to unfold before you

Stay Positive! Stay Health!

Thoughts- A Beautiful Destination

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Thoughts are  means  to  destination  and it depends  upon the quality of thoughts which decides whether our destination can be  beautiful   or  can  lead to journey of life time. Thoughts are the expression of our way of life.

Thoughts are ever flowing like a stream of river and it requires training to guide the stream of thoughts to right destination


Life throws challenges at us, to make us understand the capability of our inner strength. Only   by facing challenges, we will be able to unlock the inner potential as   human being.

It’s our innate nature to respond only to questions and problems. Only when we are faced with question or displacement in our present status quo, we search our known solutions, which are stored already in our database called experience, to understand the cause of this turbulence.

If we are able to  find a solve the problem  with  the solution  stored in our database, then we either try to modify the solution according to problem or  resolve with earlier known solved solutions.

In case if are unable to  find a  solution, we try to check our surrounding guidance data base called friends, reference  materials, Family, subject matter experts, consultants or someone who has already experience in  solving the same situation.


We can call Human beings as walking information database, where information is stored can be processed or partial or complete. If we are unable to find the apt process for our question in hand, we try to be innovator for the process by trial and error method.

Information obtained through various  mode  will be  collected by our  brain and  will try to apply the same  for the particular  situation and  will try to  run a stimulation  for  each   collected information.

Each time, when we run this collected information, brain records the outcomes as experience, which becomes part of our solution User Manual. Some stimulation will lead to partial outcome and some outcome might not be as expected.

In that case, we have to start from the initial stage to do the corrective measures so that correct process mapping can be designed. Process mapping is nothing but steps implemented to achieve the   desired solution to question in hand.

Those information or thoughts which have given as success rate will be recorded in our database and will be used as Solution user manual for our future reference.

To get 100% success rate, we usually have to look into process mapping and it depends on the quality of process mapping that decides the 100% success for the question in hand

When we solve the questions, with particular solution in our Solution user manual, we move to next level of our capacity utilization. I.e. if we take average life of human, we initially start with 1 % as an infant and as we age, our capacity move to 100% and   after that 100% capacity utilization, it slowly reduces back to 1%, unless until there is displacement  in the status quo.

So next time, when life throws challenges, think it as a route map to unlock your capacity

Stay healthy, Stay Positive!

Faith- An Act of Unconditional Giving

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Have Faith!  Believe that good events are on the way. Have trust in GOD! God has wonderful plan for you.   Trust me! Best is yet to come.


You might have come across these words said by others to you and you might always be in a thinking position about understanding the true meaning of it. Few might be able to understand it, and rest of them will keep their brains blank.

Faith and trust   are always two sides of coin and it cannot be separated.  It always goes hand in hand   and it can’t stand alone to define particular meaning of events in your life. We can define faith as the highest degree of trust.

Foundation of faith and trust is based on true unconditional love existing in particular relationship. Trust is abstract concept and nobody can see it, but it can be felt during interaction between two people. Trust building is an ongoing activity and   it should be   exercised with   respect.

To build a trust, during the initial days, it requires lot of patience and consideration and parties involved in this activity, should understand that   there should be 100% participation (Give & Take) given to this activity.

Nobody should expect that, I will give only 50%   as a giving activity and 100% output as a receiving activity.  Expectation setting is vital foundation of any trust building activity. Without setting this expectation clear by participants, 100% trust building cannot be implemented.


Simple Formula for Trust building application

Trust = 100% Giving+ 100% Receiving

Through this give &take, and through error free participation, it will lead to next highest foundation called Faith in the participants mind. Once this foundation set, there will unconditional love, mutual respect, care and concern will come into play as a byproduct of this trust building activity.

Faith Building Formula

  • 100% Giving+ 100% Receiving = Trust—– Lead to Faith
  • Faith= Understanding+ (100%Give & Take) +Unconditional Love+ Mutual Respect+ Care+ Concern+ consideration+ Hope+ High Risk Taking activity+ 100% Transparency in activities

Let me throw an insight to following statement.   A Child happened to be stuck in a tree branch and child doesn’t know how to climb down. If there is someone, whom child trust; then child will be more confident to   jump down into their hands.


That is an act of faith and is based on the understanding that “I will never leave you nor forsake you”.

In most of our transactions, name it, whether its personnel, professional or business transactions, this foundation understanding is tested time to time, until stronger foundation is built on it. This is a ongoing activity and no one can set a time frame to measure the completeness of this activity.

To earn trust of a person requires lot of effort, patience and considerations. But it requires a minute to lose, those hard earned trust. Once lost, it requires double effort to reinstate that free flow of faith between participants.

Stay Positive!  Spread Joy of Giving!

Doubt- A GPS Tower to Bumpy Highway

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 Don’t be a doubting Thomas! Do you doubt me!  Don’t you have better work than raising these doubts!  Most of them would have  gone through these  kind of  scenes  in one’s life and this might  be  tricky question,which puts your thoughts to restraint  and prevent you from  further course of action


 Doubt is a double edged sword instrument and   precautions should be exercised while using the instrument. The doubt instrument should be judiciously used and should be   error free, while exercising this instrument.

Doubt can be considered as missing blanks of an outline story and human mind has a basic tendency to fill the missing gaps of the story of our life

Actually doubt is nothing, but a combination of emotion frame, perception, facts and curiosity.

Emotion frame depends on the series of events, which has triggered the present emotional state of mind.  The human emotions are always come with caution sign board –“Drunken Drive is prohibited”. While exercising the instrument called Doubt, emotionless highway   is better road taken to reach the horizons of truth

Perception always comes with statutory warning –“Smoking causes cancer”. Here cancer of perception might vary from individual and   no standardization can be applied to the concept.

 Facts always comes as truth finding  instrument  and  if countered with  supporting evidentary documents ,  the doubt instrument  will  act  as fact finding  instrument,  and  it  gives edge in clearing out the perceptions and make the right decision making

Curiosity always acts a compass to human mind and it always goes with tag line-” Ask You shall receive, Seek You shall Find, Knock it shall be  opened to  you”.   Curiosity can propel the individual to reach the destination and if properly aligned can be GPS navigator to find the missing blanks of your story


If you place  placard with  Number  6 on the  ground and  two individuals are asked to read  the number by standing  on  either side of placard,  answer varies   depending  upon   which side  individual  is standing .

 If doubt instrument is   based on the foundation called facts, then curiosity is the perfect navigator of your life.

Simple step process of “Ask, Seek, Knock and find solution” is the fundamental to problem solving process.

  • Ask List- Ideation of questions and categorizing  them
  • Seek List- you can add any supporting facts, which can be backed to the  questions raised during the ideation process.
  • Knock List- You can  try to find out the supporting evidence –either verbal or documentary  details to back the rest of the  questions.
  • Solution- once again raise the  ASK list questions, and  realign the  gathered  evidence  step by step , either  in the following order-  backward step  (solution-  problem) or forward step (  Problem to solution).


Life always goes with the same tag line – Truth shall liberate you.

Next time, when someone raises clichés like don’t be doubting Thomas! Or do you doubt me!  Remember to apply the cardinal principal of thought-“Ask! you shall receive, Seek! you shall Find, Knock ! it shall be opened to you”.

Stay curious! Stay healthy!

Dreams-Power To Fly

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Follow your dreams! Listen to your heart! Never give up! 

Most of them would have tried to apply this philosophy of life at some point or other. There will be some point of life,where we would drive ourselves to vision and chart out the rest of course to achieve it.

The dreams can be defined as set of thoughts given wings to fly . Initially it all starts with idea or thoughts followed by set of schedule to achieve these milestones.

The power of thoughts can be propelled by power of visualisation.If you have thoughts, try to make a movie of the same thoughts with attention to minute details.

Steps to harness power of dreams

  • Jot down all thoughts related to your dreams.Dont exercise the power of judgment at this stage of idea creation.Please don’t be in a hurry to complete the exercise in a single day. Take atleast minimum 5days to complete this exercise.
  • After completing the exercise, try to break down the complex thoughts to simple ones and intiate the process of bucket list . Here bucket list helps to classify the different items which can lead to same outcome
  • Design   standard steps and arrange them under different process heads. To quote an example, one can  term the steps under Input, Process and output. You can place earlier classified bucket list under these major heads.
  • Set of process and procedures can designed after these classification
  • You can adopt standard rating scale 1-10 ,to give weightage to ideas and adopt those which you have given higher rankings
  • Finalise the process after doing the same.
  • After finalising, visualize the dream script  with minute details and keep revisiting the same everyday

Keep your thoughts healthy , alive and kicking. Believe in yourself and your ability to make difference in your life.

Always be a catalyst of change.You are the change and always dare to give wings to your thoughts

Keep Dreaming! Stay Positive!

Choice-Destiny’s Child

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The quality of life always depends on the right questions and solutions , individuals applying to it. As an individual, unless we are faced with questions, we wouldn’t think about changing course of our life

Most of times, we ask ourselves, why we are going through this situation. We can approach the situation with series of questions and try to understand what is the challenge faced by us. 

We have to objectively see through it and  identity the main problem associated with it. Sometimes it might be single or multiple questions , which can help us to identify the solution and achieve break even point to come out of it

As a human tendency, unless we are not challenged by environment factors, we wouldn’t think about altering the course


For any problem, raising right question is the means to thought provoking move. When we overcome, this problem by finding right solution with desired outcome, mind will expand its horizon to accept similar kind of situations .

As a human tendency, we are reluctant to take plunge to uncharted territory of mind.We try to move through same tried and tried methodology.

Accepting our ignorance is the first step and this will prepare our mind to check for optimum solutions through series of logical sequence accepted by our brain

As individuals, we should take conscious effort to train ourselves with art of questioning and challenging our ideas.

There are  “n” number of Solutions but particular solution can applied only with right questions.

Mind  is like a CPU and it contains series of evolving logical sequence embedded within. It all depends upon, how we are utilizing it , supporting with right questions.It is always encrypted with solutions but only with right questions , encryption can be unlocked.

The art of questioning is first Step towards any solution manual.Don’t hesitate to ignore even smallest question raised by mind.

A right set of questions will lead to desired solution and application of this solution will become our choice exercised by us to overcome the challenges

Stay healthy! Stay Positive!

Sunshine -A Touching Radiance

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Beauty is an abstract concept and sometimes it fits to be true to saying beauty lies in eyes of beholder. The concept of beauty can be anything or anyone who can create feel good factor to us.

But to get exact understanding, are we looking for parameters which will last for ever  or temporary moments. There is no specific parameters to define it

The enjoyment of beautiful sunset or sunrise or a flower that last for that moment, depends upon person who adds attributes  to the moment experienced by that person.

But, if we are trying to define beauty to an individual, it again depends upon the aptitude of person to enjoy it.For some, attributes added to beauty can vary from  cute to super cute as an example.

To support the point raised above, these attributes can define external or internal beauty. External beauty can be pre – defined by  facial attributes, but inner beauty is very abstract

If you see , a person taking initiative to bring change to someone’s life, that’s beauty of character. If someone has a cute smile  and takes initiative to make sure everyone is happy, that’s different inner beauty attribute.

We as an individuals are guided by our judging parameters and it holds true that  beauty lies in the eyes of individual, who tries to enjoy it. Most of times, we try to ignore the value of individual, who always bring extra radiance to near and dear ones.

Inner radiance has longevity than any other attributes.Have faith in yourself and  make a conscious effort to spread your radiance to fellow being

Be a believer of you !

Stay healthy!Be Positive!

A Magic Called Life

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Live the moments ! Laugh till your stomach hurts! Cherish each moment. You might have heard this favorite quote time to time, but  for majority memory related to it ,till this time will be hardly 2%  

Most of the emotions, which we had till this date might be more worry, anxiety ,anger, sorrow. That’s an alarming situation. You were able to experience happiness only 2% while taking account of entire emotions till this time.

The happiness is always there, but it’s up to us to find happiness around us. Most of them spend huge chunk of wealth to get happiness. All we are looking is an experience , whichever that can give you a feel good factor

The common pattern occurred around is ,for some shopping give a feel good factor or owning life style segment or over indulgence in eating  and pattern can vary depending on situations.

So point raised is here is, happiness is always around us ,but we usually lack the view to identify and experience it. We usually look for external stimulus to create experience and we look upon people who can create a magic called happiness. 

So is it like only few have ability to create this magic and why others lack the potential is thought, which should be explored by us

Here is a simple magic formula and this is conscious effort that should be made as part of life. 

  • Make conscious effort to love yourself and that’s  the most important effort taken towards happiness.
  • Make conscious effort to smile at others and try to give a hug to your friends
  • Make a conscious effort to help a person in a day and the person can be anyone. The effort taken  should not be any means of monetary value
  • When you do an action, try to understand, who is the recipients of your action, and try to perform action to fullest with sense of gratitude
  • Make conscious effort to enjoy the sceneries around you; it can also be sunrise or sunset or walking through grass or beach or getting wet during rain. But try to make effort to utilise the moments around us
  • Make conscious effort to say thank you and recognise the efforts done by others in your life

The happiness is always around us and we usually run behind magicians to make our lives happy.

Each one of us has the potential to become magicians to make our life happy and fruitful. We usually lack the ability to see through our clouded mind. We usually run after people who can show you larger than life pictures and  wishing that person can also do magic in our life. 

There are no magicians  and it all depends upon your  daily dose of activities and how you are going to show magic for yourself.Infact each one of you can be magicians of happiness, if a small effort is taken to spread the magic of you.

Love life! Recognise your existence! Enjoy your moment

Stay Healthy! Stay Positive!

Compass-A Life Policy Document

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The sense of direction towards our decision whether your actions are right and wrong  belongs to individual only. the sense of what is right and wrong is developed from the day we step into this world.

Child till age of three learn the acceptable and non acceptable behavior from his or her growing up environment. Child initially learn the concept , by observing and infering from his or her environment

Initially child learns commands from his or her mother.Mother introduce the child the concept of world and it’s environment. During this stage, whatever child experience and actions accepted by mother will give his or her initial understanding of right and wrong.

After series of command inputed and accepted, frame of right and wrong is set or framed in the mind. As child grows, during each stage, child tries to apply these concepts to each and every interaction

If same behavior is acceptable by his or her peers , following behavior will be added to sense of right sub set and whichever is rejected during this stage, it will be added to group called wrong.Certain times, we tend to explore potential of wrong, to support  the needs of situations, where after performing you can have a emotion called guilt 

But human mind is always controlled by various parameters and  there is always complexity when behavior patterns are exhibited

The sense of right and wrong is always constantly evolving and each time new concept is accepted by mind, it tends to test the acceptance in the external environment.

The strengths of character always correlated with this frame. The ability to stand for what we believe , despite odds of situations show case our characters

The compass always shows direction and  frame work set can be described as policy to apply in our daily living

Do what you believe! Stay healthy! Stay Positive