Compass-A Life Policy Document

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The sense of direction towards our decision whether your actions are right and wrong  belongs to individual only. the sense of what is right and wrong is developed from the day we step into this world.

Child till age of three learn the acceptable and non acceptable behavior from his or her growing up environment. Child initially learn the concept , by observing and infering from his or her environment

Initially child learns commands from his or her mother.Mother introduce the child the concept of world and it’s environment. During this stage, whatever child experience and actions accepted by mother will give his or her initial understanding of right and wrong.

After series of command inputed and accepted, frame of right and wrong is set or framed in the mind. As child grows, during each stage, child tries to apply these concepts to each and every interaction

If same behavior is acceptable by his or her peers , following behavior will be added to sense of right sub set and whichever is rejected during this stage, it will be added to group called wrong.Certain times, we tend to explore potential of wrong, to support  the needs of situations, where after performing you can have a emotion called guilt 

But human mind is always controlled by various parameters and  there is always complexity when behavior patterns are exhibited

The sense of right and wrong is always constantly evolving and each time new concept is accepted by mind, it tends to test the acceptance in the external environment.

The strengths of character always correlated with this frame. The ability to stand for what we believe , despite odds of situations show case our characters

The compass always shows direction and  frame work set can be described as policy to apply in our daily living

Do what you believe! Stay healthy! Stay Positive


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