A Magic Called Life

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Live the moments ! Laugh till your stomach hurts! Cherish each moment. You might have heard this favorite quote time to time, but  for majority memory related to it ,till this time will be hardly 2%  

Most of the emotions, which we had till this date might be more worry, anxiety ,anger, sorrow. That’s an alarming situation. You were able to experience happiness only 2% while taking account of entire emotions till this time.

The happiness is always there, but it’s up to us to find happiness around us. Most of them spend huge chunk of wealth to get happiness. All we are looking is an experience , whichever that can give you a feel good factor

The common pattern occurred around is ,for some shopping give a feel good factor or owning life style segment or over indulgence in eating  and pattern can vary depending on situations.

So point raised is here is, happiness is always around us ,but we usually lack the view to identify and experience it. We usually look for external stimulus to create experience and we look upon people who can create a magic called happiness. 

So is it like only few have ability to create this magic and why others lack the potential is thought, which should be explored by us

Here is a simple magic formula and this is conscious effort that should be made as part of life. 

  • Make conscious effort to love yourself and that’s  the most important effort taken towards happiness.
  • Make conscious effort to smile at others and try to give a hug to your friends
  • Make a conscious effort to help a person in a day and the person can be anyone. The effort taken  should not be any means of monetary value
  • When you do an action, try to understand, who is the recipients of your action, and try to perform action to fullest with sense of gratitude
  • Make conscious effort to enjoy the sceneries around you; it can also be sunrise or sunset or walking through grass or beach or getting wet during rain. But try to make effort to utilise the moments around us
  • Make conscious effort to say thank you and recognise the efforts done by others in your life

The happiness is always around us and we usually run behind magicians to make our lives happy.

Each one of us has the potential to become magicians to make our life happy and fruitful. We usually lack the ability to see through our clouded mind. We usually run after people who can show you larger than life pictures and  wishing that person can also do magic in our life. 

There are no magicians  and it all depends upon your  daily dose of activities and how you are going to show magic for yourself.Infact each one of you can be magicians of happiness, if a small effort is taken to spread the magic of you.

Love life! Recognise your existence! Enjoy your moment

Stay Healthy! Stay Positive!


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