Sunshine -A Touching Radiance

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Beauty is an abstract concept and sometimes it fits to be true to saying beauty lies in eyes of beholder. The concept of beauty can be anything or anyone who can create feel good factor to us.

But to get exact understanding, are we looking for parameters which will last for ever  or temporary moments. There is no specific parameters to define it

The enjoyment of beautiful sunset or sunrise or a flower that last for that moment, depends upon person who adds attributes  to the moment experienced by that person.

But, if we are trying to define beauty to an individual, it again depends upon the aptitude of person to enjoy it.For some, attributes added to beauty can vary from  cute to super cute as an example.

To support the point raised above, these attributes can define external or internal beauty. External beauty can be pre – defined by  facial attributes, but inner beauty is very abstract

If you see , a person taking initiative to bring change to someone’s life, that’s beauty of character. If someone has a cute smile  and takes initiative to make sure everyone is happy, that’s different inner beauty attribute.

We as an individuals are guided by our judging parameters and it holds true that  beauty lies in the eyes of individual, who tries to enjoy it. Most of times, we try to ignore the value of individual, who always bring extra radiance to near and dear ones.

Inner radiance has longevity than any other attributes.Have faith in yourself and  make a conscious effort to spread your radiance to fellow being

Be a believer of you !

Stay healthy!Be Positive!


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