Choice-Destiny’s Child

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The quality of life always depends on the right questions and solutions , individuals applying to it. As an individual, unless we are faced with questions, we wouldn’t think about changing course of our life

Most of times, we ask ourselves, why we are going through this situation. We can approach the situation with series of questions and try to understand what is the challenge faced by us. 

We have to objectively see through it and  identity the main problem associated with it. Sometimes it might be single or multiple questions , which can help us to identify the solution and achieve break even point to come out of it

As a human tendency, unless we are not challenged by environment factors, we wouldn’t think about altering the course


For any problem, raising right question is the means to thought provoking move. When we overcome, this problem by finding right solution with desired outcome, mind will expand its horizon to accept similar kind of situations .

As a human tendency, we are reluctant to take plunge to uncharted territory of mind.We try to move through same tried and tried methodology.

Accepting our ignorance is the first step and this will prepare our mind to check for optimum solutions through series of logical sequence accepted by our brain

As individuals, we should take conscious effort to train ourselves with art of questioning and challenging our ideas.

There are  “n” number of Solutions but particular solution can applied only with right questions.

Mind  is like a CPU and it contains series of evolving logical sequence embedded within. It all depends upon, how we are utilizing it , supporting with right questions.It is always encrypted with solutions but only with right questions , encryption can be unlocked.

The art of questioning is first Step towards any solution manual.Don’t hesitate to ignore even smallest question raised by mind.

A right set of questions will lead to desired solution and application of this solution will become our choice exercised by us to overcome the challenges

Stay healthy! Stay Positive!


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