Dreams-Power To Fly

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Follow your dreams! Listen to your heart! Never give up! 

Most of them would have tried to apply this philosophy of life at some point or other. There will be some point of life,where we would drive ourselves to vision and chart out the rest of course to achieve it.

The dreams can be defined as set of thoughts given wings to fly . Initially it all starts with idea or thoughts followed by set of schedule to achieve these milestones.

The power of thoughts can be propelled by power of visualisation.If you have thoughts, try to make a movie of the same thoughts with attention to minute details.

Steps to harness power of dreams

  • Jot down all thoughts related to your dreams.Dont exercise the power of judgment at this stage of idea creation.Please don’t be in a hurry to complete the exercise in a single day. Take atleast minimum 5days to complete this exercise.
  • After completing the exercise, try to break down the complex thoughts to simple ones and intiate the process of bucket list . Here bucket list helps to classify the different items which can lead to same outcome
  • Design   standard steps and arrange them under different process heads. To quote an example, one can  term the steps under Input, Process and output. You can place earlier classified bucket list under these major heads.
  • Set of process and procedures can designed after these classification
  • You can adopt standard rating scale 1-10 ,to give weightage to ideas and adopt those which you have given higher rankings
  • Finalise the process after doing the same.
  • After finalising, visualize the dream script  with minute details and keep revisiting the same everyday

Keep your thoughts healthy , alive and kicking. Believe in yourself and your ability to make difference in your life.

Always be a catalyst of change.You are the change and always dare to give wings to your thoughts

Keep Dreaming! Stay Positive!


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