Doubt- A GPS Tower to Bumpy Highway

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 Don’t be a doubting Thomas! Do you doubt me!  Don’t you have better work than raising these doubts!  Most of them would have  gone through these  kind of  scenes  in one’s life and this might  be  tricky question,which puts your thoughts to restraint  and prevent you from  further course of action


 Doubt is a double edged sword instrument and   precautions should be exercised while using the instrument. The doubt instrument should be judiciously used and should be   error free, while exercising this instrument.

Doubt can be considered as missing blanks of an outline story and human mind has a basic tendency to fill the missing gaps of the story of our life

Actually doubt is nothing, but a combination of emotion frame, perception, facts and curiosity.

Emotion frame depends on the series of events, which has triggered the present emotional state of mind.  The human emotions are always come with caution sign board –“Drunken Drive is prohibited”. While exercising the instrument called Doubt, emotionless highway   is better road taken to reach the horizons of truth

Perception always comes with statutory warning –“Smoking causes cancer”. Here cancer of perception might vary from individual and   no standardization can be applied to the concept.

 Facts always comes as truth finding  instrument  and  if countered with  supporting evidentary documents ,  the doubt instrument  will  act  as fact finding  instrument,  and  it  gives edge in clearing out the perceptions and make the right decision making

Curiosity always acts a compass to human mind and it always goes with tag line-” Ask You shall receive, Seek You shall Find, Knock it shall be  opened to  you”.   Curiosity can propel the individual to reach the destination and if properly aligned can be GPS navigator to find the missing blanks of your story


If you place  placard with  Number  6 on the  ground and  two individuals are asked to read  the number by standing  on  either side of placard,  answer varies   depending  upon   which side  individual  is standing .

 If doubt instrument is   based on the foundation called facts, then curiosity is the perfect navigator of your life.

Simple step process of “Ask, Seek, Knock and find solution” is the fundamental to problem solving process.

  • Ask List- Ideation of questions and categorizing  them
  • Seek List- you can add any supporting facts, which can be backed to the  questions raised during the ideation process.
  • Knock List- You can  try to find out the supporting evidence –either verbal or documentary  details to back the rest of the  questions.
  • Solution- once again raise the  ASK list questions, and  realign the  gathered  evidence  step by step , either  in the following order-  backward step  (solution-  problem) or forward step (  Problem to solution).


Life always goes with the same tag line – Truth shall liberate you.

Next time, when someone raises clichés like don’t be doubting Thomas! Or do you doubt me!  Remember to apply the cardinal principal of thought-“Ask! you shall receive, Seek! you shall Find, Knock ! it shall be opened to you”.

Stay curious! Stay healthy!


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