Faith- An Act of Unconditional Giving

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Have Faith!  Believe that good events are on the way. Have trust in GOD! God has wonderful plan for you.   Trust me! Best is yet to come.


You might have come across these words said by others to you and you might always be in a thinking position about understanding the true meaning of it. Few might be able to understand it, and rest of them will keep their brains blank.

Faith and trust   are always two sides of coin and it cannot be separated.  It always goes hand in hand   and it can’t stand alone to define particular meaning of events in your life. We can define faith as the highest degree of trust.

Foundation of faith and trust is based on true unconditional love existing in particular relationship. Trust is abstract concept and nobody can see it, but it can be felt during interaction between two people. Trust building is an ongoing activity and   it should be   exercised with   respect.

To build a trust, during the initial days, it requires lot of patience and consideration and parties involved in this activity, should understand that   there should be 100% participation (Give & Take) given to this activity.

Nobody should expect that, I will give only 50%   as a giving activity and 100% output as a receiving activity.  Expectation setting is vital foundation of any trust building activity. Without setting this expectation clear by participants, 100% trust building cannot be implemented.


Simple Formula for Trust building application

Trust = 100% Giving+ 100% Receiving

Through this give &take, and through error free participation, it will lead to next highest foundation called Faith in the participants mind. Once this foundation set, there will unconditional love, mutual respect, care and concern will come into play as a byproduct of this trust building activity.

Faith Building Formula

  • 100% Giving+ 100% Receiving = Trust—– Lead to Faith
  • Faith= Understanding+ (100%Give & Take) +Unconditional Love+ Mutual Respect+ Care+ Concern+ consideration+ Hope+ High Risk Taking activity+ 100% Transparency in activities

Let me throw an insight to following statement.   A Child happened to be stuck in a tree branch and child doesn’t know how to climb down. If there is someone, whom child trust; then child will be more confident to   jump down into their hands.


That is an act of faith and is based on the understanding that “I will never leave you nor forsake you”.

In most of our transactions, name it, whether its personnel, professional or business transactions, this foundation understanding is tested time to time, until stronger foundation is built on it. This is a ongoing activity and no one can set a time frame to measure the completeness of this activity.

To earn trust of a person requires lot of effort, patience and considerations. But it requires a minute to lose, those hard earned trust. Once lost, it requires double effort to reinstate that free flow of faith between participants.

Stay Positive!  Spread Joy of Giving!


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