Thoughts- A Beautiful Destination

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Thoughts are  means  to  destination  and it depends  upon the quality of thoughts which decides whether our destination can be  beautiful   or  can  lead to journey of life time. Thoughts are the expression of our way of life.

Thoughts are ever flowing like a stream of river and it requires training to guide the stream of thoughts to right destination


Life throws challenges at us, to make us understand the capability of our inner strength. Only   by facing challenges, we will be able to unlock the inner potential as   human being.

It’s our innate nature to respond only to questions and problems. Only when we are faced with question or displacement in our present status quo, we search our known solutions, which are stored already in our database called experience, to understand the cause of this turbulence.

If we are able to  find a solve the problem  with  the solution  stored in our database, then we either try to modify the solution according to problem or  resolve with earlier known solved solutions.

In case if are unable to  find a  solution, we try to check our surrounding guidance data base called friends, reference  materials, Family, subject matter experts, consultants or someone who has already experience in  solving the same situation.


We can call Human beings as walking information database, where information is stored can be processed or partial or complete. If we are unable to find the apt process for our question in hand, we try to be innovator for the process by trial and error method.

Information obtained through various  mode  will be  collected by our  brain and  will try to apply the same  for the particular  situation and  will try to  run a stimulation  for  each   collected information.

Each time, when we run this collected information, brain records the outcomes as experience, which becomes part of our solution User Manual. Some stimulation will lead to partial outcome and some outcome might not be as expected.

In that case, we have to start from the initial stage to do the corrective measures so that correct process mapping can be designed. Process mapping is nothing but steps implemented to achieve the   desired solution to question in hand.

Those information or thoughts which have given as success rate will be recorded in our database and will be used as Solution user manual for our future reference.

To get 100% success rate, we usually have to look into process mapping and it depends on the quality of process mapping that decides the 100% success for the question in hand

When we solve the questions, with particular solution in our Solution user manual, we move to next level of our capacity utilization. I.e. if we take average life of human, we initially start with 1 % as an infant and as we age, our capacity move to 100% and   after that 100% capacity utilization, it slowly reduces back to 1%, unless until there is displacement  in the status quo.

So next time, when life throws challenges, think it as a route map to unlock your capacity

Stay healthy, Stay Positive!


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