Miracle- A gift called Today

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The most important    gift, which we always fail to recognize is a gift called “Today“in our life.


“Today is a gift” and learn to   maximize the opportunity, when life knocks at you with this gift. Take your chance, make a choice and make a change in your life.

Chance, choice and Change are three important tools, which is mostly used by us to upgrade our quality of life.  We usually use these tools, sometimes with all informed decisions in our hand and sometimes, we go by our gut feeling to   explore the uncharted way to improve our quality of life.

There is always a critical events involved, which decides the breakeven point   decision, which charts our future course of action. The success of these 3 tools- Chance, Choice and Change depends on the user‘s willpower or how much user is convinced about these tools, while implementing the same.

Convinced  Idea  along with the  supporting  data   is like a  compass , which  guides the user to next level of  success .Usually, Chance, choice  and change is  continuous process and  it can’t  be bifurcated.

Chance is nothing , but an opportunity  presented in front of  user, as a result of an  series  of effort or  a destiny’s call to  explore the  unchartered area of life. Here User  will be in the state of mind-“ I Can” or “Can I”, or  “Should I “ or  “not”


Choice is an informed decision taken by the user, after seeing the benefits of chance presented in front of the user. Here user tries to gather the information and tries to weigh the quality of information available in front of the user. User tries to convince the mind or reason with the mind, why this particular choice should be utlised.

Change is outcome of the informed choice, and chance taken by the user and as a result of the implementation of this tool. Here change can be immediate or time consuming process. It all depends upon the quality of chance and choice adapted by the user. Some time process adapted to implement the quality of Choice can lead to outstanding results.

Once change is implemented in the environment, there will always be byproduct of the choice adapted by the user. Byproduct can be either positive or negative based on the quality of adapted choice and chance.

So user is advised discretion, while exercising the quality of choice and chance. User should explore the Micro and Macro aspect of the choice and impact it can create, while implementing the same in the environment.  As I mentioned earlier, Change can be immediate or time consuming process. User should be matured enough to patiently wait, while implementing the choice into his or her environment.


If we look at the season, it’s a cycle -summer, Rainy, winter, autumn, Spring; we could see the same cycle happening in most of our lives.  Even  if we want to skip these  season, it’s not allowed  and  each season has a story  to  reflect in our life and  it  brings its own moments  & experience as a byproduct of the season.

Sometimes, we take informed chance and choice to bring   change in our life and we constantly strive it, as continuous improvement process to improve the quality of choice.


Right choice, taken under influence of right emotional frame of mind will always lead to Positive way of life.  Always take informed choice & Chance and once in a while move with gut feeling, you will never know, what is the mystery, life is waiting, to unfold before you

Stay Positive! Stay Health!


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