Memories- A Lifetime Milestones

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Time is wonderful reference framework; where whole universe revolves around and there is saying always walk with time and never leave lose an opportunity to walk with it.


This saying hold true , if we check our events  happened in our lives and Time remains critical framework to our existence But, if there is no reference point called time, world will stand still and if you could observe , we are relating to all events with specific time frame and period.

What would happen, if we could do time traveling to revisit the past and change the critical events which we wish to change or   leap towards future.

But for human beings, we have ability to do time traveling through events called memories

There is always beauty associated with reference point called time, where, we can revisit the same through memories and keeping it alive.

Here saying holds true that walks with time and never loses a minute to create memories for you. Most of us lead an anxious, worried and stressed life without enjoying the present moment, when, they have a gift called present to create memories.


Most of them forget how they do the activity called breathing in & out. In our lives, we forget to acknowledge the critical activities done by us and we run behind things, which create unnecessary   activities, which adds clutter in our life. Here word clutter is referred   to things, which we acknowledge that without that particular activity or substance our life stand still and giving more importance

Let me give insight to understand this concept

  • Eyes-  help us to see and enjoy beautiful  world created by GOD
  • Ears- helps us to listen the most beautiful sound and music around you
  • Nose- tool which help us to take breath in and breath out- which is most life sustain activity
  • Mouth ,lips and tongue- helps us to enjoy beautiful sensation and world’s best food in the world
  • Hand &Touch- help us to understand the shape, sizes , figures ,  texture of materials and helps us understand  the  frame work of material
  • Feet- gives us the ability to move around  to different location ,according to  your wishes
  • Brain & Presence of mind- most advanced computing system, unlimited storage device ,think tank, emotional seat, consciousness gift  given by GOD

Now if are missing any of these, imagine the world without it and I would say this is gift called present and  through coordination of all these, we are able to create wonders. We can be an influencer and change some one’s life with a gift called a minute.


Within Seconds, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery through your eyes; within seconds, you can feel your breath, when you fall in love; within seconds, you can enjoy the tastiest ice cream, which melts in your mouth and can give you terrific sensation to you. You might be wondering now, the magic of a second around you.

All these are happening in seconds, now, you might recognize the value of a minute, what, whole 60 sec time framework can create magic in your life, and when fast forwarded from this time frame and event called memory is stored in your brain.

I would say time is precious and always run with or ahead of time and never lose   a moment or chance to create your memories. We fail to acknowledge the tools, which helps us to create these memories and we take it for granted.

The point raised here is life is beautiful and future is what we create at this point .  I would say run ahead of time to capture those moment and never take a single moment for granted, which can help you  to create memories .

Stay healthy! Stay positive


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