Gratitude-A Light House of Hope

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Life always seeks  purpose of its existence at one point of time or other. Even though if we achieve the pinnacle of success, the contentment of life  will be lacking. 

Obviously, there will be question that why contentment of life and success rating can’t be equated. For most of them, definitionof success doesn’t contain purpose or reason to do the action or correlation to achieve higher sense of living

If your definition of success includes gratitude it might give  us self containment.

Let me explain, how it works.If our actions can make difference in some one’s life or  uphold the weak,  we can experience the  feeling of completion in  achieving success.  If a hospital insurance is issued to needy at right time,it  can make big difference to recipient. In order , to make this happen, there are around 5-6 employees who takes care of document processing part and if anyone  delays the activities, it will create distress to recipient. 

But, if an employee gets to know,that because of his or her timely action, life is saved. That can give more purpose to his or her  document processing activities.

The definition of success varies from person to person.However , if an individual can add sense of gratitude to his or her actions, it will be  double treat to his or her success.

Touch one’s heart through your action , you can touch a heart of society through it.

Stay Healthy! Stay Positive!


Anger-Double Edged Sword

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Creative expression of mind is required for optimising healthy thinking .

The most powerful and dynamic creative  expression is anger.We used to undermine the concept of anger when we speak about it.

Anger is a double edged sword and if expression balance is lost,it can lead to destructive events

Most of them lose balance when anger is vent out as part of their creativity expression.  Anger has the potential to surge the adrenaline rush and if channelised in the right direction ,we can get faster response as desired outcome.

But, if conscious control mechanism is not there, it would lead the individual to self destructive activities. 

Anger is one of the powerful emotion which can connect with Masses and trained speakers usually explore these to  guide their listeners to desired outcome

 Anger is  like a bonfire and before it takes form of bonfire, conscious effort either under guidance of mentor or  expert leadership  can create control mechanism to create check points and guide the individuals to positive desired outcome.

Now a days anger management is taken as separate field of study. 

Anger  is  a wonderful creative expression and sometimes it’s required for well being of human beings.

There’s  a saying, To be master of Masses, one should know how to tame one’s mind.

Stay Positive, Stay healthy.

Smile -Touching Lives

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The  mind always needs expression to communicate to the real world.  These expressions are actually conditions accepted as a result of external and internal stimulus

During the growing stage,we  tend to bring out traits and apply to the environment  surrounding us.some traits get acceptance faster,some traits will be challenged and eventually it might get accepted or rejected.

But, those behavior traits which are accepted will be repeated and will become involuntary as a part of our self

For example, puppy is tied to a chain and  when ever it barks and run , chain used to be hindrance in performing it’s action. But basic trait of barking and chasing can’t be controlled. So in order to overcome it, it slowly started to avoid chains while barking. After few years,even if it’s big dog, what ever behavior traits acquired during its growing up is  exhibited. 

Here, there is a reason to bring this example. When children exhibits certain negative behavior , their traits should be channelised and directed to positive one. The control mechanism used to channelise the behavior should be acceptable to the child also. So that resistance will be less and acceptance to new concept will take place faster

There is no  right formula to intiate these changes.However little creativity with art of story telling will always do magic in shaping great minds

There is a  saying ,”  mind can be opened with genuine smile”. 

A Smile can  touch millions and let’s start leaving imprints of our smile  to whoever we meet

Black & White Billboards

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Life is always interesting. It all depends upon how we are interpreting and accepting the changes,happening around us.We usually look at a particular keywords or experience to interpret the environment around us.

If we see a black spot with background white, our mind picks only black spot than the white one. Actually original picture of artist was space with white and a small black point put by artist.


I am sure , 99% would pick the black spot initially, trying to understand or relating to previous incident happened in their life. Rarely people would see or interpret the white as a color in the first interaction, when black spot is put on center of it.

Mind tends to travel thinking pulse only when question is raised -why didn’t your eyes recognize the white spot. Maybe this is how we have trained our mind to interpret our world. As an experiment, if your are working with laptop and sitting at most beautiful place, our mind or thoughts will be glued only to laptop. We try to ignore the beauty of the place .


We should train our mind to think beyond the normal environment simulation. We should  develop capabilities to think beyond  the mind matrix which is still in  a binary  stage.

The mind power is still a mystery in these modern world. We tend to use hardly 5% of mind in our daily lives

Healthy thinking and healthy mind is need of hour.

Stay positive ! Stay healthy!


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The power of inception of an idea is always a tricky one.It happens when we least expect it and moment we harness it, we could say it as shaping an idea.

We have power to choose and change outcome to certain extent. Nothing happens by chance. It happens because we have chosen a previous events which is directing to the series of next events

So, what we are or who we are outcome of series of  events happened till date.

The introspection of mind is always a step which we should proactively do.

Let see the mind as CPU.

Here ,what we think is outcome of external environment. We choose to let in series of impulse to our mind and supported with right emotions,it will become part of our self. 

Later with right stimulation,we tend to display the processed emotions,as part of our character

So, I would say watch what you let in to your mind. Later, it will be difficult to unlearn 

Most of them are aware of these and but conscious effort needs to understand what is needed for you

Mind wellness and healthy thinking ,now a days has become rare in this fast moving world

We should take conscious effort to understand and train thoughts to be better humans

Stay healthy,Think positive


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